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Journal⇒ No silent adds please, leave a comment on the FO post♥ Journal contains lots of fandom and is about 40% Japanese
Fandoms⇒ Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr, Gackt, MCR, MJ, hide, Twilight
Loves⇒ God, Visual Kei, Indie/Alternative music, Gothic Lolita, Tim Burton movies, art, animals, comedy, ect.
Credits⇒ Layout=valuexofxpain;
Mood Theme=omgitsgackt
adam lambert, alexisonfire, anarchism, angels and airwaves, animal rights, animals, arcade fire, archaeology, art, arts and crafts, audrey kawasaki, autumn, bat for lashes, biology, blink-182, brand new, bright colors, brody dalle, buddy holly, camilla derrico, cartoons, cats, christianity, comedy, corsets, cosplay, dir en grey, drawing, ed wood, edward cullen, edward scissorhands, egyptology, emily the strange, enka, exist†trace, family guy, fanservice, fantasy, fashion, feminism, frank iero, frerard, futurama, gackt, gerard way, god, goth, gravitation, guitar, h.naoto, halloween, hamlet, hide, indie, indie music, individualism, iron man, jack off jill, jack skellington, jack white, jackson rathbone, japan, jasper hale, jeff dunham, jesus, jfk, johnny depp, knitting, l, lady gaga, leathermouth, linguistics, makeup, malice mizer, matthew good band, michael jackson, mika, miko, music, my chemical romance, nature, painting, peace and love, philosophy, photography, piercings, poetry, psychology, punk, reading, refused, ritchie valens, robert downey jr, ruby gloom, scarling, screamo, sewing, shakespeare, shoes, sleeping, snowboarding, socialism, south park, spongebob squarepants, stephen lynch, sug, sweeney todd, swings, tattoos, the 50's, the addams family, the gregory brothers, the lonely island, the nightmare before christmas, the used, the white stripes, thick-rimmed glasses, tim burton, titanic, tony stark, tony/pepper, twilight, vampires, vegetarianism, video games, weezer, weird, white sunglasses, wildlife, womens rights, writing, x japan, おしゃれ系, ガゼット, ギルガメッシュ, ゴスロリ, ムック, ヴィジュアル系, 原宿, , 夏川りみ, 少年愛, 新興宗教楽団nogod, 書道, 沖縄民謡, 琉球語, 芸者, 雅-miyavi-